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AS-40 D - PLATINUM SWIM 4000 x 2280 x 1290mm

Price Includes VAT, delivery and Installation 

*Electrician charges may apply where required*



  • Full foam R18+ Insulation 
  • Ozone mixing tube
  • Gecko 3kw pack
  • Spa steps optional 
  • Full out winter bag
  • Twin filters PURE BLUE
  • Gecko IN stream2 with 4 Speakers and Subwoofer



Model Colour: Sterling Silver Size: 4000 x 2280 x 1290mm Gecko Controls: 4kw heater Weight Empty: 824kg Weight Filled: 5424kg Water Capacity: 4600L Shell: Lucite acrylic Seats: 4 Pumps: 2 x 3hp 2 x 2HP Circulation: 1 Ozonator: 1 Filters: 2 Shell Foam Insulation: 6 layer shell with 10mm high foam Side Skirt Insulation: 15mm Full Foam & 4mm Dual-aluminium Foil Base: Sealed Plastic ABS Top Spa Cover: High Density Lockable Cover Jets: Total 62 Hydro jets: 46 Air jets: 12 Swim jets: 4 LED perimeter lights: Yes Sound System: 4 Speakers & Subwoofer

AS-40 D - PLATINUM SWIM 4000 x 2280 x 1290mm

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