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Dual Lounger 2 x 1.25m

Price includes VAT, delivery and installation 

*Electrian charges may apply where required*


Our most compact spa, the Palm Spas Dual Lounger hot tub is perfect if you’re looking for all the benefits of a hot tub without taking up too much space. Powered by a 2-speed 2HP pump and a 2Kw Balboa heater, the Dual Lounger seats 3 (including 2 lounger seats) with a compliment of 22 stainless steel massage jets. High-density foam insulation around the tub enclosure and cover help to keep running costs low.


This 13A “Plug and Play” hot tub can also be hardwired to a 32A supply to allow the heater and pumps to run simultaneously.


Dual Lounger 2 x 1.25m

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