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Palm Spa Cool Cube

🧊 The Palm Spas Cool Cube 🧊

Immerse yourself the Cool Cube’s exquisite design. Crafted using a high quality Acrylic shell exudes sophistication while ensuring lasting durability.

Complementing the sterling silver is the composite synthetic heat lock skirt, not only adding a touch of elegance but also enhancing insulation to keep the perfect temperature.

With a spacious water capacity of 300L, it’s ideal for a solo soak allowing you to fully immerse yourself comfortably.

The Cool Cube boasts an aluminum frame that offers both stability and resilience. The Balboa Mini Inverter Chiller pump provides superior performance, ensuring rapid cooling to your desired temperature. The circulation pump guarantees consistent water flow for a consistently refreshing experience.

Immersive Ambiance: Elevate your Cool Cube experience with the soothing underwater LED light.

The CFC foam shell insulation, coupled with a high-insulation spa cover, maintains your desired temperature while conserving energy. When it comes to maintenance, the Magic Plastic water outlet drainage system ensures effortless water management.

Palm Spa Cool Cube

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